Chad Simpkins, MD

Board Review: A curious case during a dive

You are taking medical command when you receive a call from an ALS unit. They are picking up a 33 y/o male with unknown medical history from the beach for a witnessed seizure and confusion. The patient's friend states they were diving at a nearby shipwreck when they encountered a shark, causing the pair to swim to the surface as quickly as possible. While on the boat, the friend noted the patient was acting strangely with slurred speech.

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Advanced Practice: Bedside Ultrasound for Improving First-Attempt Lumbar Puncture Success on Infants

Anatomic landmarks followed by a "blind" stick is currently the standard practice for performing bedside lumbar punctures, but with increasing use and ease of ultrasound, could we one day see lumbar punctures follow in the footsteps of central line placement?

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The Myth of Dry Drowning

With summer in full swing now, swimming emergencies are bound to increase. A recent surge in media coverage may have raised many questions about the phenomenon known as “dry drowning." Variations in nomenclature regarding drowning can lead to confusion and imprecise terminology. Check out this post for a quick review:

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