Loran Hatch, DO

Back to Basics: Complete Heart Block

68yo Male, hx DM (+insulin pump), CHF (+lasix), HTN, presents to the ED c/o intermittent episodes of lightheadedness for the past year, becoming more frequent over the past month and had an episode today while getting out of bed. No syncope. At home noted HR 33, went to urgent care, HR 37. Patient was sent to the ED for further evaluation. What did the ECG show?

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Back to Basics: Hypercalcemia

A 70 yo female s/p thyroidectomy 1 month ago on supplements presents to the ED complaining of intermittent nausea and vomiting for the past week with intermittent abdominal pain today. She reports that stools in her colostomy bag are now hard x 3 days. You get some labs and the basic metabolic panel shows... 

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What’s the Diagnosis? By Dr. Loran Hatch

20 yo male presents to the ED with left hip pain after MVC PTA. Patient was restrained back seat passenger, no LOC. Patient appears very uncomfortable on stretcher, with left leg propped on rolled blanket. Tenderness at left hip but no obvious deformity. LLE with DP pulses 2+, sensation intact, will wiggles toes.

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