#EMConf: Cellulitis Pearls

Misdiagnosis is common as the warmth, redness, pain is nonspecific for inflammation. 

Consider necrotizing fasciitis when there is:

  • Pain out of proporition to exam (POOP)
  • Pain outside of erythematous margins (POEM)
  • Sepsis without source (SWOS), worsening vital signs
  • Cellulitis not responding to antibiotics

MRSA coverage for purulent cellulitis or immunocompromised. 

The return visit failed outpatient treatment for cellulitis when:

  • progression of redness after 72h of treatment
  • progression of pain after 48h of treatment
  • progression of warmth after 48h of treatment

Postpartum Mastitis:

  • MSSA coverage mostly - Keflex for example
  • continue breastfeeding
  • reassure mom regarding no risks to baby