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Board Review: Yellow Fever

A 45 year old male presents to your emergency department with 1 day of headache, body aches, nausea and vomiting?  On further history you learn that the patient recently returned from a trip to Africa and you suspect Yellow Fever.  Which of the following below would increase your suspicion for Yellow Fever? (scroll down for the answer) 

A) Low pulse relative to fever  

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Advanced Practice: ACEP Guidelines Advocate for Discharge of Low Risk Chest Pain Patients!

For decades, Emergency Medicine Providers have struggled to come to a consensus on the management of patients with chest pain with non-ischemic ECGs and negative biomarker testing. Both cardiology and emergency medicine guidelines failed to provide a clear recommendation on which patients should be discharged from the ED. The American College of Emergency Physicians has taken a bold step with their latest guidelines for the management of low risk chest pain patients which will dramatically change standard practice in the care of possible ACS patients.  

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