Abagayle Renko M.D.

Back to Basics: Fever, Cough, SOB

A patient comes into the ED with a high fever, shortness of breath, mild headache, diarrhea, and general malaise. It’s 2021… so naturally, the ‘COVID alarms’ start sounding in our heads. But if it were that simple, we probably wouldn't be posting about it, would we?

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Critical Cases - New Onset Afib with High Output Heart Failure!


  • 49 yo F  pHx asthma presents  ED with worsening DOE for the last month acutely worsening today 
  • No prior hospitalizations or intubations for asthma exacerbation 


  • Positive for dyspnea, palpitation
  • Positive for abdominal distention, which she attributes to constipation


  • Moderate intermittent asthma on albuterol PRN 

Physical Exam

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