#EMconf: The Hook Effect

Happy Thanksgiving to all from EM Daily!  Hopefully many of you are able to watch some football and spend quality time with your family and friends.  The conference pearl for this week is from Dr. Lisa Filippone who explains why you may get a false negative pregancy test.   Take a few minutes to read about the Hook Effect...   

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#EMconf - COPD management pearls!

You are caring for a sick patient with an acute COPD exacerbation. What O2 sat should you target? What meds should you give? If you have to intubate, what are the issues you'll have to deal with? This week we glean some valuable management pearls for the management acute COPD exacerbations from this month's Internal Medicine module at Cooper.

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#EMconf: 24 y.o. with Near Syncope

For the final week of our cardiology module, Dr. Lisa Filippone presented a great case.  A 24 y.o. male  playing basketball developed palpitations, lightheadedness, dizziness and almost 'passed out'.  On arrival to the ED the patient looked well and had no complaints except for palpitations:  HR 190, BP 130/70.  Lungs were clear, heart without an audible murmur and neuro exam was unremarkable.  ECG shown is shown.  What is the diagnosis and treatment?   

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