EMDaily Board Review Question 2 with Dr. Joseph Cesarine

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A 10 year old Caucasian male presents to the Emergency Department for the second time with his father with a chief complaint of worsening left hip pain and limp for 6 weeks. The child tells the father and you that he has pain in his left hip but sometimes feels it down the leg in his thigh and knee. The father denies fevers or trauma to the hip or leg. The child does not have any medical history however is on the smaller side for his age. The child presented to the Emergency Department 1 week prior to arrival and had plain films taken of the left hip which were unremarkable. In the ED today the patient has vital signs within normal limits and is well appearing. The patient has no redness or swelling to the left hip and has no point tenderness to palpation of the left hip. The patient does have some limitation to left hip abduction and internal rotation. With ambulation the patient is noted to have a sutble limp affecting the left side. Which of the following answers is most true for this condition?