#GuideWireProblems by Dr. Michael Coletta

  • For all of us who have placed a central line with the seldinger technique, you know that there is a risk that your needle will become displaced when trying to dislodge the syringe and place the guidewire. This causes increased time, multiple sticks, and pure frustration.
  • The Wire In Needle (WIN) Technique can help avoid this problem
    • The WIN technique utilizes a needle with a pre-loaded quide-wire and no syringe.
    • Using a vascular ultrasound, the wire is directed towards the vessel in the in-plane view.
    • When the needle enters the vessel, the guide-wire is directly visualized passing through the lumen.
    • This technique reduces the chance of the needle coming out of the vessel, as it can when removing the syringe in typical practice.
  • Here is a study that tested this method against standard practice and a video from ultrasoundpodcast.com explaining this further: