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EMDaily is an educational endeavor based out of Cooper University Hospital. We aim to provide high-yield Emergency Medicine and Critical Care knowledge, daily. Each post is designed to provide useful and memorable quick pearls.

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Back to the Basics

Attending: Dr. Alison Jaworski 

Residents: Dr. Allison Cash, Dr. Sean Coulson, Dr. Christine Hill

Advanced Cases

Attending: Dr. Richard Byrne

Residents: Dr. Tara Ferrante

Image Review 

Attendings: Dr. Sarab Sodhi

Residents: Dr. Shivani Talwar

Conference Content

Attendings: Dr. John Cafaro, Dr. Rachel Jennings

Residents: Dr. Meg Chamberlain, Dr. Joseph Naji 

Board Review 

Attending: Dr. Vidhi (Vicki) Parikh 

Residents: Dr. Edward Guo, Dr. Alex Hilbmann


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