Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Derek Newton's Bilateral Patella Tendons Rupture

In Week 8 of this NFL season, Houston Texans offensive tackle Derek Newton suffered bilateral patella tendons rupture against the Denver Broncos. Newton's injury was particularly rare not only because of it's bilateral nature but also because it occured without direct trauma. This is a season-ending injury for Newton. On the field, Newton received immediate immobilization and eventually underwent surgery to repair the tendons.

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IV Placement to Increase or Decrease Diagnostic Yield of CT Angiography in Penetrating Neck Trauma

Penetrating neck trauma is a serious cause of morbidity and mortality in the acutely injured patient. While a "no-zone" management approach to penetrating neck injuries is replacing the traditional three zone approach, knowledge of neck zone anatomy is crucial to anticipating and diagnosing pathology inherent to each zone. Zone I is the most caudal and includes the base of the neck and thoracic inlet.

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